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At the end of the day, it’s where you stay. And it needs to be comfy, nice, friendly and a little exciting but not break your bank account.  Fort Worth has a wide range of living options – affordable apartments, hi-rise condos, historic bungalows, downtown lofts and sweet suburbia.  They don’t call it “quality of life” for nothing.

Moving to Fort Worth  
Relocating to Fort Worth  -- site includes neighborhood and school district maps
Did you know?
Did you know?
  • The cost of living in Fort Worth is lower than the national average of major cities.
  • Fortune Small Business ranked Fort Worth the ninth-best place in the nation to “Live and Launch a business."
  • Fort Worth is ninth on the list of the 10 safest cities with populations of 500,000 or more, according to a survey released by Morgan Quitno Press in 2006.
  • Fort Worth cost of living index chart, compared to other major cities

Fort Worth Neighborhoods


For the person who wants a walkable, vibrant, active setting, Downtown is the way to go. Over 5,000 people now live Downtown, and that number is growing rapidly. A lot of people who move to Fort Worth find Downtown the best place to live because it is so easy to meet people. There are dozens of other buildings to check out Downtown. It is clean, safe, and has easy access by bike or foot to the Trinity River trails. Anyone who likes a busy, active, walkable neighborhoods should be encouraged to live there.    

Museum District

(Near West Side)

As an area just beginning to take shape, you can already see the personality emerging. This whole area is quickly evolving into another dense, vibrant, walkable district. Several apartments and condos in this area cater to young professionals and offer modest to high-end living.

Magnolia Ave, Fairmount, Ryan Place

(Near Southside)

This section of town is known as home to many artists, ad firms, design firms, grass-roots arts organizations, and small eclectic restaurants. The area was in desrepair and has been steadily improving (and gentrifying) over the last 10 years. These two neighborhoods are adjacent, early 20th century neighborhoods that have very nicely restored houses and some older ones that are great restoration projects. Several smallish townhouse development projects have recently been completed and some are underway around the neighborhood's main retail, concentrated on Magnolia Avenue. Prices tend to be quite affordable as most people new to town don't know to look here. Check this site about southside living:  Fort Worth South

Arlington Heights, Monticello, North Hi Mount, & Crestwood

(Near West Side)

These are some well-established, beautiful neighborhoods with tons of small bungalows, most in really good shape. They also tend to be pretty social neighborhoods as they are only 2-3 miles west of downtown and 1 mile from the museums. They have great proximity to the city's best restaurants, nightlife, and places of employment, while offering some very quaint, intimate, early 20th century single-family neighborhoods. There are some affordable apartments and new luxury townhouses that have been built in and around these neighborhoods.

Berkeley, Mistletoe Heights, Park Hill

Beautiful, well-established, affluent, early 20th century neighborhoods. Close to TCU and Downtown. Considered by many as a great alternative to the older, west side neighborhoods. Mostly single-family houses, but a handful of apartment buildings.